Friday, December 7, 2007

Stag party in Budapest

I have worked all my life in customer service and over the years I have specialized in program and events organization in Hungary, including stag parties in Budapest. I think it is not accidental that Budapest, with its beautiful sights, bustling night life and various program possibilities, has become one of the most popular stag party destinations. Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and it is known as the Paris of Eastern Europe. That is a great reason to visit, but may not motive enough to choose it as the destination for your stag weekend.

I think we all agree that a stag party is not a cultural event and it is not designed to be one. Off course it doesn’t mean you can not try to slip in some cultural entertainment like sight-seeing. However on a stag weekend the participants are looking for lighter entertainment. Booze and eroticism still play a big part of a stag party but these days daytime programs have become more popular. And in Budapest the possibilities are almost unlimited for a fantastic stag weekend! Beside the sights the city offers great day time activities from relaxing spas to extreme sports; brilliant restaurants and bars for eating, partying and having a few drinks; programs that are clarified as for over 18s and friendly atmosphere.

However opinions are divided about Budapest. Some people love it and others hate it, but it definitely makes an impression on everybody. You can not ignore it!
My purpose is to introduce you to Budapest and keep your adrenaline level and interest as high as possible during your stay in our fantastic city. I would like to ensure that you to belong to the long list of customers who have great memories of Budapest.

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